Moscato & Peach Boozicles!

Moscato & Peach Boozicles!

I used to be a red wine drinker. I LOVED the big bold reds, dry and sometimes a little fruity. But never sweet. Never ever sweet. Then I was told I was intolerant to red wine. I was shell shocked. Whatever was I going to do?! I’ve never really been into white wine -I found it lacked the substantiality that red wine provided (maybe I just wasn’t trying the right ones.) 

But then, I found it. Bubbles. Specifically a Brut. IT IS SO DELICIOUS. I tried some sweeter sparkling wines and was never pleased with the flavour profile. Prosecco just wasn’t my thing. One day I was dreaming up ideas about making boozicles and asked a sommelier friend of mine what he would recommend to go with peaches. Moscato he said. I felt slightly disheartened because Moscato is typically even more sweet than Prosecco. That being said, I thought I should trust what the experts say.

I was pleasantly surprised. I could at most drink maybe half a glass, but it would work PERFECT for the boozicles. The sweetness would pair nicely with the peaches without the need to add any extra sugar. GENIUS.

I encourage you to try your own combinations with your boozicles- try different wines and fruits. Maybe even add some syrups if the wine isn’t sugary enough.

Moscato and peach boozicles with handmade black stoneware plate //

Cut your peach into small pieces. I kept them large enough so I could jam them into the mold: the bits will float once you add the wine.

organic peach // View More:

Next pour in your wine! The sparkling wine will bubble as you pour it over the fruit, so make sure you top it up! If you’re making more popsicles than than you have the supplied sticks/lids you can just use regular popsicle sticks. Because I used pieces of fruit that were the size of the mold I could simply push my popsicle sticks into the fruit and it stayed. If you’ve cut your fruit smaller wrap the top in tinfoil and push the sticks through -this will keep them in place.

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The moscato // peach combo was DELICIOUS!!! The bubbles in the sparkling wine created a light and fluffy texture in the popsicle that I’ve never had before! If you don’t want to have the bubbles frozen in your wine you could let the popsicles sit for a 20-30 minutes so the wine goes flat. I don’t suggest it though- THEYRE AMAZING! THE BUBBLES!

boozey popsicle on handmade black plate // gabrielleburke.compeach boozicle on handmade black plate // confetti peaches with boozicle on artisan pottery //

Small Black Stoneware Plate $28

Photos by Hannah Cummins Photgraphy

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