Faults in Our Stars

Faults in Our Stars

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We can seem so small, in a beautiful universe. The stars above, millions & trillions of massive balls of gas and dust. Whole solar systems. We are merely in mortal bodies; a moment in the breath of time. 

Remember, those star you gaze upon, they also lay beneath your feet. They carry you forward, into the morning light.

I live by the ocean and I love it. I hear the waves & the wind on stormy days. Seagulls squawking during all times of year. In the summertime the promenade is full of tourists and families walking the pier -drips of melted ice cream streaming down tiny hands. It is so easy, in our time to get caught up in all the hustle of life. We fall into stream, going to work; coming home; going to the gym; eating out; partying to make ourselves feel better about the time we’ve spent not paying attention to our lives and aspirations.

ocean white rock bc photography

I had moved away from the beach for a while, and when I came back I started running down the shoreline in the mornings. Other fervid morning peoples would smile, and nod their heads in recognition as we passed each other. I had no idea who they were, where they came from or where they were going. But they smiled at me. And I returned the favour.

I got busy and time escaped me. I fell into the rhythm of my daily life, in and out of the gym & restaurants. Until one night, after a long day’s work, it was 9pm, and the sun was setting. I was all by myself and not tired enough to go to bed but not wanting to do anything. So I put my shoes on and walked down the steps and across the road to the beach and I did nothing. My body moved down the promenade, but I wasn’t doing anything. I was just being.

I took to this kindly, the moments of time that just sort of settled. It was so peaceful, and relaxing. To actually watch the other people living their lives rather than running by them trying to get to my best time per kilometre.

Sometimes, on an especially clear night, the stars are brilliant. I brought a few blankets, and laid down on the rocks by the shore and snuggled under my duvet. The cold air caressed my nose, and a slight dew settled on the cotton of the blanket. So brilliant. So bright. Guiding us, there always. The same stars that people so many years ago had the opportunity to take a moment to cherish.

These are the constellations you asked for. Click the picture to shop.

Orion -the hunter.

Orion constellation fault in our stars black stoneware gold necklaceFaults in Our Stars Necklace -Orion Constellation Handmade black stonewareorion necklace constellation potteryorion constellation necklace handmade in vancouver

Pegasus- winged horse with magical powers.

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Pleiades // Seven Sisters // Taurus- Zeus cast the 7 sisters cast into the sky so they could be close to their father. Orion pursued them throughout life and continues to chase them across the night sky. They are also a signifier of the sailing season in the Mediterranean Sea as their helical rising allows navigation.

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Cassiopeia- Queen of Aethiopia, cast into the sky for boasting of her daughter’s beauty. Her daughter’s punishment was being bound to a rock as prey for Cetus, a sea monster. She was saved by Perseus, whom she later married. (Necklace also available with Perseus Constellation.)

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Big Dipper.

bid dipper fault in our stars jewellery big dipper constellation necklace handmade big dipper stoneware necklace made in vancouver bc

Thank you to Leah, my love, my friend who graced me with her presence on a stunningly beautiful foggy day. Here is something to make you smile- please don’t hold this against me 😀
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