Photo of Gabrielle with one of her pottery mugs


After graduating from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, former product designer Gabrielle Burke founded g ceramic & co. as she was enamoured by the way ceramic objects habitat in our daily lives. For her it is amazing how people rely on objects such as mugs and bowls and have an interpersonal relationship with them.

g ceramic & co. is about curating your life. It’s about redefining living. The objects that surround us impact our understanding of our lives. Calling into question everything we own. How do you design your life?

“I have curated a beautiful life for myself doing things that I love; surrounded by beautiful people;  creating things that I love for people that understand. I love that people have an intimate relationship with the objects. They pick them up and fondle them. They allow that mug to touch their lips as they sip on their morning coffee//tea everyday. The objects are thoughtful, they have meaning.”

Gabrielle creates work for wedding registries, restaurants, online, retail, markets, and is also available by appointment at her studio on Alberta & 5th Avenue in Vancouver, BC.